Hospital Revenue Cycle Solutions, Inc. (HRCS) partners with organizations to improve their Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management processes, to deliver a faster, more profitable payment system. We deliver customized revenue cycle outsourcing services that result in increased revenue and cash flow, increased compliance, improved processes, and overall optimized financial performance for our healthcare clients. With more than 20 years of experience, HRCS is a leader in healthcare billing and services, and full CBO outsourcing.

HRCS employs experienced, highly trained, and dedicated staff. We utilize leading state-of-the-art computer systems; software; self-developed, proprietary analytical tools; and innovative data management systems, all allowing for highly efficient revenue cycle development and claims processing tailored to meet our clients’ particular needs with a commitment to exceed industry standards.

We take our commitment to every relationship very seriously. Our strong professional background in business/accounting/management, in addition to in-house collections, along with our extensive revenue cycle experience, enables us to provide reporting, analyses, and recommendations that result in significant improvements for our clients’ bottom lines.

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