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Income increase by year’s end!

Would additional income improve the financial statements for your hospital in this quarter? Hospital Revenue Cycle Solutions’ RCM experts were able to generate an income boost of up to 85% of credit balances for other hospitals and we can do […]

RAC Audit

Resolve aging A/R issues – Impact your bottom line now

Now more than ever, your organization should be optimizing collection efforts by reducing the Accounts Receivable (A/R) lifecycle of your organization. This means efficiently collecting on your accounts and recovering overdue payments. We can help you: Improve revenue and cash […]

Medicare Credit Balance Report (CMS-838) is due Oct. 30

Your next quarterly Medicare Credit Balance Report Form (CMS-838) is due by October 30 to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. If your organization is experiencing significant or growing credit balance accumulation, then Hospital Revenue Cycle Solutions can help you expedite your […]

Quick income

Are you maximizing your revenue?

Our Quick Income Pickups Provide a fast path to revenue. Are you taking every opportunity to maximize your hospital’s revenue? According to a study by Healthcare Business Tech, U.S. hospitals are leaving behind approximately $125 billion in uncollected revenue each […]


A 90 Day Jumpstart Program Can Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

We are always talking to executives from hospitals and many of them are sharing the same concerns: Billing errors and claim denials are causing them to leave money on the table Aging A/R issues are swamping their staff They are […]

Your credit balances could bring you $2 million

Credit Balances are the type of thing that financial leaders would often rather ignore.  Difficult to identify and costly in their resolution, they’re “loose ends” often deprioritized in the face of other pressing issues, yet not attending to them can […]


Getting claims processed quickly and easily

Tighten your timeline to payment with easy claims processing and actionable denial metrics to improve your KPIs and bottom line. At HRCS, we can ease the burden on your claims processing by: Quickly and efficiently filing all of your claims Reducing the chances […]

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How you can increase your hospital’s income this quarter

Increasing your organization’s income can be easier – and faster – than you think. Using our proprietary tools and processes, we can turn up to 75% of your Credits into Net Income in as little as one month, generating a significant […]

The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Partner

Hospitals and health systems are under constant pressure to improve financial viability as margins become tighter. At the same time, these hospitals are having difficulty recruiting and training revenue cycle staff. This has forced many healthcare financial executives to re-evaluate […]

What is Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility and how can we utilize this RCM billing strategy?

It is estimated that up to 5% of all accounts written-off as uncompensated care by hospitals are actually for services rendered to patients whom are eligible for Medicaid coverage. Self-pay patients continue to receive services at healthcare facilities as Medicaid-pending […]