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If your hospital or healthcare system is looking for quick income pick-up, our RCM expertise can deliver. At HRCS, our rich industry knowledge and deep payer relationships allow us to do the work in a fraction of the time that other resources might and deliver a strong “win” to the bottom line.

We can get you money now

HRCS has the resources and expertise ready to realize your revenue cycle initiatives and optimize your collections through full-cycle RCM services or project segments. Here are some of the ways we can quickly capture your organization’s missing or overlooked Net Income

Credit Balance Remediation : We can turn up to 85% of your existing credit balances into net income. Most credits are not actually monies owed. Credit balances usually occur as a result of honest mistakes, errors in processes, or simply due to the timing of payment. We have the expertise to effectively and efficiently transfer the correct credits from your balance sheet to your P&L as net income. Learn more.

Aging A/R : Our aggressive, yet professional, pursuit of payment from insurance companies and patients resolves aging A/R as our demographic and charge entry tracking regular reporting manges receivables. We can even purchase your outstanding receivables, allowing you to receive your check now. Learn more.

Fee-for-Service Review : Every hospital that we have worked with has left money on the table that we have helped to recover. We analyze your patient population in order to find those self-pay patients falling within Timely Filing Limits that have insurance coverage not yet identified. Learn more.

Payer Negotiations/Issues : If problems with particular insurance carriers are affecting your recievables and impacting your bottom line, we can get involved and advocate for your win – We have the track record to prove it.

Technology Transition : Moving from Cerner to Epic or MEDITECH to McKesson? It’s always a challenge for billing staff to learn a new system while working out the existing A/R in the old system. Mis-postings and other mistakes often multiply during this process. Our team is experienced in working out old A/R in every major system and we can take that burden off your shoulders.

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