While your hospital or health system may be facing unprecedented challenges, optimizing your revenue cycle can help reduce the burden of revenue cycle management, keep up with regulatory changes, and ultimately increase the financial health of your organization. Our clients keep coming back to Hospital Revenue Cycle Solutions because we offer customized services that efficiently and effectively help them collect more of what they are owed.


Total RCM Outsourcing

Not enough staff or time to effectively handle your entire revenue cycle? Our experienced staff will take care of it all. Our clients see a drop in A/R days, a decrease in denials, improved cash flow, and increased revenue.

A/R Management

We can tap into your data to uncover hidden patterns and unforeseen correlations. We use this actionable information to identify and prioritize issues so that we can efficiently and effectively tackle your patient and insurance A/R.

Denials and Appeals

We’ve reduced eligibility-caused denials by as much as 90% for clients, resulting in faster payments and freeing up FTEs to pursue more productive tasks.

Revenue Recovery

Every hospital we’ve worked with has left money on the table that we have been able to help them recover – even after working with other vendors. We will analyze your patient population to find those self-pay patients that have insurance coverage that has not yet been identified.

Credit Balance

Meet and maintain regulatory compliance and increase your net income. We can turn up to 85% of your existing Credit Balances into net income.

HRCS RevenueCycle

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